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Will Paul Tittl (R) face a primary challenger

Growing Support for Medical Marijuana
Will Tittl Lead?

The Wisconsin State Assembly District 25 district boundaries changed under the new maps, but it is still a Republican favorite by 59.5%. I use the Ballotpedia entry to look at the before and after maps of the district to get a better lay of the land. I know for sure that there are a high amount of people in Manitowoc and Two Rivers that support marijuana reform!

This district is not considered a competitive district by most experts. In 2022 Incumbent Tittl did not face a Democratic challenger. These types of districts often produce primary battles, especially under redistricting and map changes.

Paul Tittl (R – Manitowoc)

I wrote many articles about Rep. Tittl over the years. Rep. Tittl was a sponsor of the 2017 decriminalization measure and was a sponsor of the 2019-20 and 22 Republican bills to create a medical marijuana program for Wisconsin.    Rep. Tittl was one of the first Republicans to publicly ask for a public hearing on medical marijuana in past sessions.   His continued efforts and willingness to work within his caucus to reform the marijuana laws earned Rep Tittl a good reputation among cannabis activists.

Considering his district is safe for the GOP Incumbent, the facing of a possible primary challenger could play out good for cannabis reform in the long run. His campaign facebook page Paul Tittl For Assembly is a little out of date, but I expect this guy to run again in 2024. Go over to his page and give him a follow and some encouragement to be a leader on cannabis reform by signing onto the Democrats legalization bill.


Dave Wage (R-Manitowoc)

Chairman & CEO/Owner at Formrite Companies. Personal FB/Campaign Account. One Follower on newly formed Facebook Page. He is asking for money for his campaign and has a campaign manager named Karen Nichols. He held a listening session on May 23rd in Two Rivers and promised to hold more.

If Wage does not mount the primary battle, it does not appear Tittl would face a Democrat on the final race. You would think that Two Rivers, Manitowoc and Cleveland areas would produce a candidate with the high amount of activism in the areas over the years. I will check back after the signature deadline for candidates to get ballot access. The Democrat Stephen R. Welch from Two Rivers still has his ballot access listed as pending.

How do we make change in 2024?
How do we make change in 2024?

Stay tuned and get active!

I will provide you additional 2024 Wisconsin State Election coverage throughout the campaign season. This next election is extremely important for marijuana reform and I will continue to bring you information as more candidates make their political moves.

In the event that we end up with divided government in the 2024-25 legislation session, the official formation of The Wisconsin Cannabis Caucus would be a must first step towards reform. The official establishment of this Caucus will represent the growing, bipartisan support in Wisconsin.

Although session as ended we still urge you to contact your elected officials. The top four action alerts are still functionable on The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Action Network for you immediate use.

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