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Who is Jay Selthofner?

Jay Selthofner is a Reporter of Wisconsin and Michigan Hemp News. A Medical Marijuana Activist, he is the Founder & Treasurer of Northern Wisconsin NORML and the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network. Jay’s family owns Heritage Hemp Farm. He is also a Cannabis Consultant with THC Indicastries.


25+ years experience working in the fields with Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana, and Recreational Cannabis.


Get the latest news and info about pending Wisconsin Cannabis and Hemp legislation and legalization.

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I founded the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network in December 2011 and we are still growing strong today. We are concerned citizens from all types of professions who are passionate about Cannabis Law Reform in Wisconsin. Through Teamwork and Collaboration we will change the laws. Yes WI CAN!

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I have spent the past decade volunteering for Northern Wisconsin NORML and the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network. However there are many other worthy causes I support. Browse my site to learn more about what’s going on in Wisconsin, Michigan, and beyond.

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Connect with the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network and make a real difference in the fight to legalize cannabis in Wisconsin. Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially to NORML or another organization, or volunteer as an advocate for change in your local area, your help is appreciated.

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