2022-2023 Election Coverage by Jay Selthofner

Senate 32 Pfaff (D) challenged by Klein (R)

Even though the maps changed and redistricting happened, the “political experts” crunching the voting data from the past have labeled the 8th, 14th, 18th, 30th and 32nd Senate Districts as ‘competitive’ in the overall Senate races in 2024. Only half of the 33 Senators are up for election in 2024, so we are stuck with many of them. That is important to remember because the comment “just vote them out” comes up in discussions again and again. As we have learned, it just is not that easy.

I use the resource Ballotpedia a great deal in candidate research and a visual comparison of the map changes from a geographic representation. Senate District 32 still has a focus on the La Crosse and Viroqua areas, but it also includes Holmen, Onalaska, West Salem, Sparta, Westby, La Farge, Cashton, Genoa, Liberty, Hillsboro, Stoddard, Chaseberg, Coon Valley, Mindoro, Bangor, Rockland, Galesville, Ettrick, Melvina, Ontario, Portland, Norwalk, Angelo.

53.8% DEM, 44.6% GOP and 1.6% OTHER. Some political experts give this new senate district 32 a Dem lean of +5% points, but you never know.

Brad Pfaff (D-Onalaska) Senate District 32. Pfaff has co-sponsored adult use bills two consecutive sessions since first elected in 2020. Pfaff’s office made the announcement he will again run for the 32nd senate district, a seat he won in 2020 after narrowly defeating Republican Dan Kapanke by 582 votes (0.6%). Pfaff ran in the 2022 3rd Congressional District and narrowly lost against Republican Derrick Van Ordenby by 3.7% Brad Pfaff Campaign Facebook Page

Stacey Klein (R-Trempealeau) said this about her stance on cannabis reform “I’ve been asking people their thoughts on that topic. I haven’t had strong feelings about it in the past and would like to know what the people in the district want.Stacey for Wisconsin Facebook Page.

On Tuesday April 9, 2024, Republican Conservative Stacey Klein announced that she is transitioning her US Senate campaign to the 32nd State Senate District.

How do we make change in 2024?
How do we make change in 2024?

Stay tuned and get active!

I will provide you additional 2024 Wisconsin State Election coverage throughout the campaign season. This next election is extremely important for marijuana reform and I will continue to bring you information as more candidates make their political moves.

In the event that we end up with divided government in the 2024-25 legislation session, the official formation of The Wisconsin Cannabis Caucus would be a must first step towards reform. The official establishment of this Caucus will represent the growing, bipartisan support in Wisconsin.

Although session as ended we still urge you to contact your elected officials. The top four action alerts are still functionable on The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Action Network for you immediate use.

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