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AD 69 Primary: Hurd (R) vs Lori Voss (R) winner to face Halls (D) Kelley (I)

In the redrawn 69th District — which includes all of Clark County, a portion of Taylor County that includes Medford and the Athens area — former Abbotsford mayor Lori Voss will face Rep. Karen Hurd, who used to represent Assembly District 68 and recently moved to the Thorp area.

Voss, owner of Hawkeye Dairy in Abbotsford and an EMT with the Central Fire and EMS District, served as Abbotford’s mayor from 2017 to 2021 and was formerly a member of the city council. According to her candidacy announcement, she has amassed 42 years of public service.

Hurd, a nutritionist and author, had been living in Fall Creek before being drawn out of the 68th due to a new redistricting map approved earlier this year. She was first elected to the Assembly in 2022 and previously served as a Fall Creek village trustee.

Roger Halls of Stanley is running as a Democrat and Joshua Kelley of Greenwood is running as an Independent. – Source

Karen Hurd (R)

In 2022 Hurd faced a primary battle and won. She was not the most supportive Republican in that primary, but she also was not the worse. She had this to say in 2022:

I am currently researching and studying the issue of the legalization of marijuana. I have been given written material by constituents on both sides of the issue—and then I have my own educational/clinical experience in working with those of my clients that are users of marijuana. My Master of Science degree in Biochemistry has given me the molecular knowledge of how cannabinoids impact cells. However, there is more yet to know, and other considerations most be taken into account besides the impact at the cellular level. I also am gathering data from other states as well that have legalized marijuana and what impact it has had—whether pro or con. Many constituents have spoken to me about this issue—some pro, some con.

I believe that Hurd was willing to help form The Wisconsin Cannabis Caucus and work with the Democrats to pass a set of bipartisan bills.

In the 2023-24 session Hurd did co-sponsor the controversial GOP Caucus vetted medical marijuana legislation.

Campaign Facebook Page for Karen Hurd for Assembly. Hurd was drawn into the 91st with Rep. Jodi Emerson, D-Eau Claire, and decided to move to this open seat instead in the 69th Assembly. The 69th Assembly is expected to a 72% Republican stronghold.

Lori Voss (R)

Campaign facebook page Lori Voss for 69th Assembly was contacted 6/16

Roger Halls (D)

Roger Halls from Stanley said his stance is completely decriminalized, legalized, and would like to see it expunged from records unless violence was involved.

Website: Halls for Wisconsin; Campaign Facebook Page: Halls for Wisconsin

Joshua Steven Kelley (I)

From Greenwood. No public campaign information as of 6/16.

How do we make change in 2024?
How do we make change in 2024?

Stay tuned and get active!

I will provide you additional 2024 Wisconsin State Election coverage throughout the campaign season. This next election is extremely important for marijuana reform and I will continue to bring you information as more candidates make their political moves.

In the event that we end up with divided government in the 2024-25 legislation session, the official formation of The Wisconsin Cannabis Caucus would be a must first step towards reform. The official establishment of this Caucus will represent the growing, bipartisan support in Wisconsin.

Although session as ended we still urge you to contact your elected officials. The top four action alerts are still functionable on The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Action Network for you immediate use.

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