Thiesfeldt opposes legalization, wants FDA approved medical marijuana

Candidates Kevin Booth (D) and Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R), at an Oct. 3 forum, give their views on legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin.

Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt Assembly District 52 (R – Fond du Lac)

Thiesfeldt: There is a federal prohibition on marijuana.

I am supportive of legitimate, regulated medical use of marijuana and voted for CBD oil because I believe it has therapeutic use. I would support medical marijuana if FDA Approved.

However, I have great concern the current promotion by adults for legalization has convinced children that marijuana use is trivial. The societal negatives of legalization will outweigh the positives, and we have clear evidence of this and I am absolutely against legalization. I Was in California and saw billboards for marijuana; you cannot do cigarette billboards but you can for marijuana.

Booth: I support the full legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes.  There are currently 31 states that allow medical marijuana. 

This is no longer an experiment and credible doctors have proven a quality of life improvement for several serious medical conditions.

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