Incumbent Republican Dale Kooyenga shows sympathy for medical cannabis

Back in 2017 Dale Kooyenga was one of the Republican authors of the bill to decriminalize marijuana in Wisconsin. Although his bill did not gain enough traction to pass, it made sense as a step in the right direction.

Senator Dale Kooyenga Senate District 5 (R - Brookfield)
Dale Kooyenga (R – Brookfield)

Kooyenga is again making sense as he runs for Senate and is embracing the compassion aspect of medical marijuana in a campaign interview. Letting the sick, dying and disabled find medical relief from smoking pot and eating marijuana infused foods is what medical marijuana means to most people who hear the term. I hear the Republican candidate Kooyenga calling out for the need to hold a public hearing on the issue and if elected, will watch for him to work on decriminalization and medical cannabis reform in the 2019-2020 legislative session.

On June 26th, WisconsinEye interviewed the 5th Senate District candidates, Julie Henszey (D) and Dale Kooyenga (R) about their views on legalizing marijuana. General election is 11/6! Watch the full interviews: Julie Henszey (D-Wauwatosa): Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield): Watch All WisEye Campaign 2018 Coverage: #campaign2018

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