2nd Assembly Candidate Shae Sortwell speaks about marijuana reform

On the campaign trail and Republican Candidate Shae Sortwell from Two Rivers answers the following question, as did most candidates in 2018.

Would you support changing state law to legalize marijuana and/or cannabis products? If so, under what conditions? If not, why?

Whatever the state does, cannabis is still federally illegal. States cannot overturn Federal law.  President Trump has hinted that this issue ought to fall to the states, but the federal Attorney General has threatened our state CBD industry.  We could have people trying to follow the law because Wisconsin “legalized,” who then get prosecuted by Federal authorities. I do not want to set our citizens up for failure and make criminals out of people who are trying to follow the law.  As far as what the state should do under current circumstances, I would support decriminalization rather than legalization.


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