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Senator Kapenga Listening Sessions March and April 2023

Currently we have 191 members/supporters of cannabis reform with the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network in Senate District 33 represented by Chris Kapenga (R).

Bottom line, that is not enough.

If you live, work or know of people in this area, now is the time to act.

If you want to travel to this area and collect signatures or hold an awareness event in a library or something, now is the time to act.

Governor Evers is keeping on his promise and doing everything he can for the legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin. We need to support Governor Evers including marijuana legalization in the upcoming state budget. Get ready to help Keep Bud in the Budget during the public hearing process again.

We need to do the right thing and that includes showing up and speaking at Republican Listening Sessions like the ones State Senator Chris Kapenga is holding.

Background Senator Kapenga


Kapenga says “Legalizing the use of marijuana is not good for Wisconsin. If the use of marijuana really was harmless, an affirming dope-using vote by the legislature wouldn’t be necessary.”  

Kapenga was elected Republican Senate President for the 2021-22 and again in the 2023-34 legislative session. He is not up for re-election until 2026.

Feb 2021 in Response to Governor Evers Budet plan to allow marijuana sales, Kapenga issued the following press release:

Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana Would be Disastrous for Wisconsin

“The legalization of recreational marijuana is not in the best interest of Wisconsinites. There are
serious health and societal issues that need to be understood, and Governor Evers shouldn’t
sacrifice the safety of the people of Wisconsin—particularly our children—in pursuit of the mighty

“The Governor is adamant we follow science when it comes to COVID-19 but turns a blind eye when
it comes to legalizing a drug that has no FDA approval—which all other medicines are subject to.

“What happened to the honorable goal of keeping the people of Wisconsin and our kids safe?

“The National Academy of Medicine points to a significant correlation between marijuana and
psychosis, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders, particularly in teenagers where the risk of
developing schizophrenia increases three fold.

“In addition, an investigation published in the Journal of the American Medical Association,
Pediatrics concludes, “Cannabis use disorder is common among adolescents and young adults with
mood disorders and is associated with an elevated risk of self-harm, overall mortality, and death by
unintentional overdose and homicide in this already vulnerable population.”

“What happened to the honorable goal of keeping our communities safe?

“In Colorado, the crime rate increased 11 times faster than the nation since the legalization of
marijuana, including a nearly 20% increase in violent crimes.

“At the same time, drugged driving went from killing roughly one person every 6.5 days to every 2.5
days, since legalization was passed. A similar increase happened in Washington state, where the
number of traffic deaths due to marijuana-impaired drivers doubled the year after recreational
marijuana was legalized. 

“The Governor is sending a dangerous message of permissive drug use when parents, teachers,
medical professionals, and law enforcement are fighting against drug use.

“Legalizing the use of marijuana is not good for Wisconsin. If the use of marijuana really was
harmless, an affirming dope-using vote by the legislature wouldn’t be necessary.”  

Telephone: (608) 266-9174 Email:


  • Born Zeeland, Michigan, February 19, 1972; married; 2 children.
  • Graduate Holland Christian (Holland, Michigan), 1990. B.S. in Accountancy, Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan), 1994.
  • Business owner. Certified public accountant.
  • Member: Assembly of State Legislatures (copresident); NFIB; Elmbrook Church Financial Counseling (director).
  • Former member: WSCA School Board (vice chair, treasurer, secretary); WICPA; MMAC; Institute of Management Accountants (board member).
  • Elected to Assembly 2010–12. Elected to Senate in July 2015 special election. Reelected 2018 and 2022 he was unopposed.

Listening Sessions are an excellent time to meet with your elected officials one on one. Always remember to bring something of value to the table. If you plan to attend and need background information and talking points or are reporting the results of your meeting use our contact email at

Senator Chris Kapenga

Announces Listening Sessions

Over the next few months, I will be holding town halls in different parts of the district to hear directly from you. Please see below for more details.

Due to Inclement Weather the February 22nd Listening Session is Cancelled

February 22nd | 7pm-8pm
Merton Town Hall Library
N76 W31429 County Highway VV
North Lake, WI 53064

March 8th | 7pm-8pm
Village of Dousman Board Room
118 S. Main Street
Dousman, WI 53118

April 12th | 7pm-8pm
Pewaukee Public Library Community Room
210 Main Street
Pewaukee, WI 53072

If you are unable to make any of the upcoming listening sessions, you can always reach out by calling 608-266-9174.

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