Election headlines voters’ Tuesday as reported by Jason J. Fox of the Berlin Journal Newspapers

Article referenced and attached was printed in the The Berlin Journal and affiliate newspapers Number 43, Thursday October 28th, 2010.

(Omro Herald, Markesan Regional Reporter, Green Lake Reporter, Princeton Times Republic and Berlin Journal)

The local newspapers have accepted my letter to the editor after letter to the editor, most of them talking about hemp and cannabis with truth, honesty and compassion.  But as we all know, there is more to life than marijuana.  In this case, there is also politics with emphasis on economic recovery, energy independence, improved public safety and the voice for the people of the district.  After the Oct 28th article came out in the papers, some very key members of our local communities addressed me with an early congratulations that I have already won more than one battle in my recent campaign.

The Berlin Journal Newspapers said it best this week in the front page inspirational quote, saying or fact.

Whoever gives another man a constructive thought has enriched himself for life.

Through my work in the community both past and present, people have filled my head with constructive thoughts again and again, many of them coming from the other readers of the newspapers, through their own letter to the editors.  And of course, who cannot learn something from reading Jim Wolff’s weekly staple “Correct me…If I am wrong” or the headlines the editors attached to our letters.  Even the latest headline gets readers thinking.

Election headlines voters' Tuesday
Election headlines voters' Tuesday

The most recent election coverage gives a another hint as to the support in the community for my campaign.  Jason Fox, editor and reporter of the newspaper led the front page article off by writing:

Several weeks and thousands of highly-publicized political ads removed from the 2010 Fall Primary Partisan Election, voters are expected to turn out at the polls in even bigger numbers when the general elections are held throughout the area this Tuesday.

The numbers at the local level figure to be particularly high, as the ballot will feature a cast of Green Lake County residents  looking to either remain in office or begin a new political career.

Interesting statement considering the Democratic challenger Scott Milheiser is from Fremont, which is located in Waupaca County.  “Particularly high” seems to be a conservative newspaper marijuana pun, fun intended.  The article went on to add:

The race for Republican incumbent Joan Ballweg’s seat on the 41st Assembly District has been arguably the most openly discussed among the local voting public in the weeks leading up to  the election, largely due to the emergence of the Independent Party candidate Jay Selthofner, whose platform has largely entailed his support of passing a medical marijuana bill in Wisconsin.

Election continued.....
Election continued.....

Party lines have divided us for too long.  To put people back into politics and grow an atmosphere of bipartisanship, the Independent Candidates can accomplish this mission most efficiently.   The article hints the Independent candidate belongs to the “Independent Party”.  If Jason Fox means that the “Independent Party” is made up of members, it is the largest political party in existence, it is the party made of the people and the people only, encompassing all party lines.  None the less, the campaign for and of truth, honesty and compassion has shown more milestones that most elected officials create in their terms in office.

As laws regarding hemp cannabis (marijuana) are changing from coast to coast, some states will be left behind and some states will benefit the most.  Wisconsin is traditionally known for regulations, taxation and public safety; all three virtues needed in legalizing marijuana, a wrongfully forbidden alternative to alcohol, nicotine, pharmaceuticals and petroleum.

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