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The Farm Bill should protect, not hurt hemp farmers

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One of the best articles surrounding the subject of the Federal Farm Bill and “Miller Amendment” recently passed in the US House of Agriculture Committee was published by Attorney Rod Knight entitled Damn the torpedoes, hemp unite.

For all the details we recommend you read his article and also review the information about the amendment in the US Hemp Roundtable article entitled We Lost Today’s Battle – Without a Vote – But the War is Far From Over, but in short:

This amendment is not good and was passed through the committee without any debate in a procedural move that lumped all amendments in one basket rather than individual vote on them. Not only is the language of the amendment a direct threat to cannabinoids, but the amendment could result in the death of an entire industry.

We need your help to contact your Congressional Representative and Senators to oppose this type of language in the farm bill.

The House Committee On Agriculture has one member from Wisconsin who is Derek Van Orden from the 3rd Congressional District but we need to contact all of our federally elected officials in Wisconsin right now. Congressman Van Orden celebrated the passage of the bill out of the committee. The committee has a dedicated website to their work and information about the 2024 Farm Bill is available.

Education is important but so is action and we need you to take action today by contacting your Congressman and give Senators Baldwin (D) and Johnson (R) the heads up that you got something to say.

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