Republican Michael Schraa 2018 campaign statement on marijuana reform

The upcoming referendums will pass, we all know it. The “Cannabis Question” is being asked to all candidates and incumbents. Marijuana reform is on the agenda and is not going away. Remember these statements and these names, as some will make campaign promises, some will break them and some will champion marijuana reform that never even saw it as an issue before they became elected…..that is politics folks!

Below is the 2018 campaign statement from Rep. Mike Schraa who back in 2013 was not friendly to marijuana reform as our Field Activists worked in his district. It was refreshing to see him change his stance and as he mentions in his statement, was one of the first Republicans to author a marijuana reform bill in decades. His bill in the 2017-18 session would have decriminalized 10 grams of marijuana by making it a $100 fine and not a crime. We applaud his efforts and look forward to continued marijuana reform legislation to come from his office.

Would you support changing state law to legalize marijuana and/or cannabis products? If so, under conditions? If not, why?

Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R - Oshkosh)
Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R – Oshkosh)

Schraa: State law has already changed. Cannabis has benefits for some, but has also caused great harm to others, so it’s essential to make decisions based on facts rather than emotion. I voted to legalize medicinal CBD oil last session. I was also one of four Republicans that voted to decriminalize possession of smaller amounts of marijuana. Unfortunately, that bill never made it to the floor. We still need time to see how these changes work in Wisconsin and to evaluate the evidence from other states. We are still a few years away from considering legalizing medicinal marijuana in my opinion.

Schraa, 57, was first elected in 2012 and has served three terms. He introduced the Juvenile Corrections Reform Bill last session and has co-authored or co-sponsored more than 200 bills since his first election. An Oshkosh resident, he is married with three daughters.


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