Republican from Neenah Rohrkaste answers marijuana reform question

I read continue to explore medical use of cannabis from Republicans all the time and most do acknowledge that cannabis use is more of a health issue then a criminal issue, but Wisconsin has done nothing to explore the medical use in the last 10 years….. we have not even had a public hearing on the issue. The Republicans better make a move before lagging on marijuana reform costs them a a job.

Incumbent Republican Mike Rohrkaste is facing a challenge from political newcomer Dan Schierl, a Democrat.

Rohrkaste, 60, of Neenah, was first elected to the Assembly seat in 2014 after a long career as a human resources administrator. He was reelected two years later. He’s a member of the Joint Finance Committee.

Schierl, 64, of Clayton, is a retiree who said he has entered the race to try to take some of the partisan bickering out of state politics.

The 55th Assembly District includes Neenah, Clayton, Greenville, Grand Chute and Fox Crossing.

6. Would you support changing state law to legalize marijuana and/or cannabis products? If so, under what conditions? If not, why?

Rohrkaste: Certain cannabis products have shown medical benefits, which is why we legalized CBD oil last session. I support continued research and evaluation of expanding cannabis products for regulated medical use. Through discussions with mental health care professionals and reading studies about marijuana’s use, I am concerned about how it can lead to other addictions like opioids, limit brain development in youth, and impair safe driving and work practices. I would not support legalizing recreational usage.

Schierl: I support legalization of medical cannabis and also strongly feel we should be looking at full legalization for a tax revenue and also I do not think we should be giving a green light for big pharm to make synthetic cannabis and charging outrageous prices like they do on all of their drugs. And cannabis is a natural plant with no man-made chemicals. Legalization also will create small businesses throughout the state, which would be good for our economy.


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