Smoke The Vote: Governor Evers, Grade B+

Governor Tony Evers
Governor Tony Evers

As you may remember Governor Tony Evers was for medical marijuana and decriminalization in his 2018 election campaign. He included it in his biennial budget. Somewhere after that things got stuck. The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) held public hearings to help shape the budget. After the hearings the JFC decided to remove medical marijuana from the budget.

Evers himself is a cancer survivor and sees value in marijuana’s medicinal uses. He agrees with patients having marijuana as a treatment option. We cannot fully understand marijuana’s medicinal potential until it becomes legalized.

Governor Evers recently spoke on this topic in his State of The State Address. He reminds legislators they should represent the people. Currently medical marijuana has about 80% public support. In his address he encouraged bipartisan support for these and other bills.

In 2018, 16 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties had an advisory referendum about marijuana on their November ballots. Some of the questions were different in each county. None of these counties voted for marijuana with less than 50%.

Wisconsin has many bills in the current session. Adult usemedical marijuanadecriminalization, gun rights of medical marijuana patients and drug testing workers for THC are in the legislature.

Thank you, Governor Evers, for supporting medical marijuana.

Check out Ever’s NORML Smoke The Vote Scorecard.

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