Wisconsin 2022-2023 Election Coverage by Jay Selthofner

Press Release: 2022 Election Coverage


Candidates for public office in Wisconsin take a stance on cannabis reform

The 2022 Election Coverage by JaySelthofner.com is a go to place for everything cannabis and candidate related in Wisconsin. A database of each candidate has been created for the Wisconsin State SenateState AssemblyUS Senate and Congressional Representatives. Contained in the database is a variety of information on each candidate; including voting records, co-sponsorship history, candidate statements, quotes, and notes from field activists.

In addition to archiving the position of each candidate, an analysis of the overall candidate field along with a breakdown by party affiliation in both the State Senate and State Assembly have been completed.

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No matter the results of the upcoming election on November 8th, marijuana reform is going to be an ongoing issue in Wisconsin for years to come. To address the comprehensive nature of marijuana laws, we need legislators who sponsored the various bills throughout the past sessions to work together towards sensible cannabis reform. 

For more information about this project, news interviews or questions in general, please contact Jay Selthofner at 920-410-2920 or via email at jayselthofner@gmail.com.

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