Wisconsin 2022-2023 Election Coverage by Jay Selthofner

2022 Election Wisconsin State Assembly

How Do We Make Change in 2022
How Do We Make Change in 2022

The stages are set for the General Election on November 8th, 2022. We have documented below information about candidates feelings and actions about marijuana reform. We hope you find this information helpful when it comes time to vote. There are of course a few candidates with no response or stance unknown, we will update those if we can obtain their stance on cannabis. If you have more information you would like to add, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

My Vote Wisconsin is a website designed to help you register to vote, find your polling place, vote absentee, view a sample ballot and so much more. If you are a first time voter or need more information, the www.MyVote.WI.gov can be a valuable resource.

Assembly District 1

A leader in 2017 on decriminalization and sponsoring both versions of medical marijuana bills, along with the high support he is showing to constituents, Rep. Kitchens received a high favorable rating as a Republican, but since that time Kitchens has been very quiet on the issue.

Roberta Thelen is a supporter of marijuana reform and has published letters to the editor about the subject.

Assembly District 2

He spoke about marijuana reform on the campaign trail in 2018.  He sponsored legislation his first session as a freshman Assembly Representative.  He is leading the way to common sense reform within the GOP.

Renee Gasch has been vocal about the need for cannabis reform and her support for the issue.

Assembly District 3

Elected in 2018, Tusler a Republican from Harrison did not sponsor any legislation on marijuana reform in 2019-2020.

But he earned some extra credit points in 2019 by actually calling a voter in his district back after they sent an email to them regarding AB 570, the medical marijuana bill with home grows and smoking allowed, adding onto the potential “YES” votes to this piece of legislation.

Assembly District 4

Would you support changing state law to legalize marijuana and/or cannabis products? If so, under what conditions? If not, why?

In the past, I supported the legalization of the cannabis derivative CBD oil.  CBD oil is non-addictive, marijuana-based product that provides proven relief to those suffering from chronic pain, seizures and related medical conditions. However, the topic of universal access to marijuana has been met with strong concerns and opposition from those who deal with this issue on a daily basis, namely those in our health care community, law enforcement officers and educators. Until there is a consensus from those on the front line of this issue in Wisconsin, I will not support this initiative. 

Derek Teague is vocal about his support for recreational marijuana and would be an future co-sponsor.

Assembly District 5

Joe told The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network that Wisconsin’s current laws are a gift to Illinois and Michigan, and now recently Minnesota.   We are losing tax dollars and are losing hard working people to the criminal justice system due to a substance legal in 3/4 of the states we border.

I support medical marijuana and would like to see more research to find areas where it would be helpful and in what areas it is not effective. I am a strong supporter of veterans and have looked into the benefits of medical marijuana on mental health conditions such as PTSD, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. I understand that there is a trend where marijuana is being substituted for other drugs which can allow for improvements in overall health. Medical professionals should have access to the tools they need to help their patients, marijuana is one of those tools. I am still researching the use of recreational marijuana. While I am a strong supporter of personal freedom, I want to carefully consider the issue because I do not want to introduce or support legislation that will cause harm.

Assembly District 6

In August 2022, he faced two primary challengers who both supported full legalization.

Initial reports indicate he does not support legalization.

Contacted – no response.

Assembly District 7

This Democrat Assembly Representative from Milwaukee has not co-sponsored any marijuana legislation in since elected in 2013.

In 2018 he did a candidate interview with WI EYE (18:20) in which he states that he would be in favor of legalization if the voters supported the upcoming referendum in the district and if there was a strong local control component to the bill and public health/safety was taken into consideration.  He indicated he would be voting YES to the referendum.

Rep. Dan Riemer is reported as supporting legalization by constituents in his district, but the Riemer is definitely not vocal about his stance.

Zachary Marshall told us that with alcohol and cigarettes being legal it makes sense that marijuana could be also for recreational purposes. Also, people in jail for minor marijuana offenses could have those sentences reevaluated.

Assembly District 8

She is a leading activist in Wisconsin on marijuana reform and continues that passion as an elected official.

Assembly District 9

This freshman assembly representative from Milwaukee has not co-sponsored any marijuana legislation her first term in office.  Elected in 2018, she does sit on the Assembly Committee on State Affairs assigned the medical marijuana bills.  In 2020-22, she did co-sponsor adult use recreational marijuana.

Contacted and waiting response.

Assembly District 10

The issue is a campaign priority for him: Legalize Marijuana and leverage revenue to fund public education and workforce development programs.

Assembly District 11

Dora Drake said her stance is that she supports legalizing adult use of marijuana because of revenue and a moral stand point and address social justice issues.

Assembly District 12

LaKeshia Meyers supported adult use marijuana with her co-sponsorship.

Canady did not respond.

Assembly District 13

Sarah is a vocal supporter of legalization.

He said he is a child of the 70’s and marijuana is a gateway drug.  He says he has mixed emotions about it.  He recognizes that many people are strongly against, but he is keeping his options open yet.  He does want or is in favor of getting the marijuana out of the hands of dealers.

Assembly District 14

Robyn Vining is a past co-sponsor of adult use legalization.

Candidate did not respond.   

Assembly District 15

Candidate did not respond. His campaign facebook page has not been updated in months and his campaign website states he is on the New Berlin City Council.

Assembly District 16

Kalan has not co-sponsored legislation on the matter but has giving public support for the issue of total legalization.

Assembly District 17

This first year assembly representative was very vocal about the need for marijuana reform and co-sponsored the adult use legislation.

In his campaign interview, he answers the ‘marijuana question by saying “they are buying it already anyways, it is another was to raise revenue in the state

Assembly District 18

A strong supporter of marijuana reform.

Assembly District 19

Marijuana should be legalized, decriminalized and – importantly – people who have been convicted of marijuana possession or dealing charges should have their records expunged completely. The unequal enforcement of drug charges generally are a matter of equity, and we must correct this as soon as the law is changed. 

Assembly District 20

Christine Sinicki has been a consistent co-sponsor of adult use marijuana legalization.

Candidate did not respond.

Assembly District 21

Rep. Rodriguez now says she can support medical “if” so long it was not used to legalize recreational marijuana. Opposed to recreational marijuana and sites the gateway theory and sites law enforcement concerns of medical diversion to the the recreational market.

We should immediately legalize medical marijuana for it’s therapeutic and medicinal properties, the current state is cruel and unnecessary. Collectively, we should work to legalize recreational marijuana, following best practices from the numerous other states. It’s popular and makes sense (increasing the tax base). – source

Assembly District 22

Janel Brandtjen is a prohibitionist and has not supported cannabis reform.


Assembly District 23

Deb was a strong supporter of reform as a candidate and fulfilled all her promises by co-sponsoring adult use cannabis legislation.


Assembly District 24

Past committee member and not very vocal about the issue, but in 2021 he finally co-sponsored the Republican version of medical marijuana.

We should legalize marijuana, as our neighboring states have. It’s time to realize times have changed and this should no longer be criminalized. It will also bring in valuable tax dollars and relieve our prisons of non-violent, minority drug offenders. – source

Assembly District 25

Rep. Tittl was a sponsor of the 2017 decriminalization measure and is a sponsor of the 2019-20 & 22Republican bills to create a medical marijuana program for Wisconsin.    Rep. Tittl was one of the first Republicans to publicly ask for a public hearing on medical marijuana in past sessions.   His continued efforts and willingness to work within his caucus to reform the marijuana laws earned Rep Tittle a good reputation among cannabis activists

Assembly District 26

Katsma said he is not in favor of legalization of recreational marijuana but noted the reports of people who benefit from medical use. Bills that have been introduced around medical use could be looked at, Katsma said, but more studies need to be done.

Lisa Salgado told The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist NetworkI believe it should be legal because we could tax it and use the money for treatment. It would be safer as far as being laced with other things like Fentanyl and if we do not criminalize it, the money we spend on keeping someone in jail can also be used for treatment and mental health.

Assembly District 27


Chet said he grew up in South Milwaukee.  He is a former legislator from 1975-1985 elected as a Democrat way back then.   During his WI EYE Interview at 13:45 and he kind of laughs and weighs the pros and cons.  He thinks people should be “high on life”.    He says he wants to ask the people of the 27th district and listen to the people of the 27th district on the issue.  

Assembly District 28

She sponsored medical marijuana with home grows and smoking products in 2019-20 session. She told us that she would co-sponsor adult use recreational marijuana legislation if elected..

Gae Magnafici: As a candidate for office in 2018 this elected official had made positives statements about supporting medical marijuana and decriminalization.   Early in the 2019 legislation session she signed onto a bill to protect the privacy of firearms owners should Wisconsin ever go medical.  We had high hopes, as she is one of the limited number of elected officials with a medical background.

Her Spring 2019 GOP Survey showed over 68% of her voter base supported medical marijuana, and patients had high hopes she would sponsor legislation her first session.  Patients were disappointed she did not sign onto either version of the medical marijuana bills this session. Her early quotes showed some compassion, but also early opposition to recreational cannabis.

Over the year or so, she seemed to regress from even her positive statements about medical and decriminalization. She seemed to flip flop according to constituents in her district and acted like she never said anything positive about marijuana reform. She did not co-sponsor the Republican decriminalization bill as I mentioned above and instead decided that increasing penalties was a better route for her career.

Assembly District 29

Clint Moses is a Chiropractor, in his candidate interview he said he used to be against marijuana in any form…but he does support medical now, because of his practice he witnessed patients use cannabis with great success, especially chronic pain. He goes onto state that any drug could be misused, like tobacco or alcohol.  – July 2, 2020 Candidate Interview. His 2020 Candidate Questionnaire Answers on file, candidate supports 2019-20 Assembly Bill 220 and received an Endorsement from NORML in the 2020 Election.

Campaign was contacted and no response received.

Assembly District 30

Republican Assembly District 30 Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) is not new to talking about marijuana reform this legislative session. He, fellow Republican Rob Stafsholt, R-New Richmond and Democratic Senator Patty Schachtner hashed out marijuana reform in their districts in February of 2019

Of course we all know everything marijuana reform related in the budget was killed, gutted and left on the battle field, much like medical marijuana patients in Wisconsin.

But wait, what is this… a 2019 Spring Survey sponsored by the GOP Assembly Representatives. In the spring of 2019 after overwhelming support in the Wisconsin public marijuana referendums the previous fall, many of the Assembly GOP members held a spring survey which was posted online and sent in the email to people on their mailing list. The results of Assembly Representative Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) spring survey are not surprising as 76.48% of his district supported medical marijuana.

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor.

March 2020 Republicans circulated a decriminalization bill for co-sponsorship which he did not co-sponsor.

Zimmerman was also absent on any the Republican Decriminalization bill and medical marijuana start up bill in 2021-22.

Opioid addiction is ripping apart our communities. Doctors continue prescribing severely addictive medication like Vicodin and Oxycontin, while states that allow medical marijuana have witnessed a 25% reduction in opioid overdoses. 

Veterans suffering with PTSD, cancer and chronic pain patients, kids with epilepsy or autism – these people are suffering needlessly. They should have access to doctor sanctioned medical marijuana without fear of becoming felons.

As a deputy district attorney, I’ve seen how marijuana is an effective gateway out of harder, more deadly and destructive addictions. We as tax payers spend so much money on marijuana prohibition and the costs simply aren’t justified by the infringements on personal liberty. 

I stand with the majority of Wisconsinites that believe marijuana should be legal. I believe in strengthening law and policy that educate and distance children from exposure. Drug dealers don’t care about the age of the customer and don’t just sell pot. Licensed stores, like a liquor store, have a vested interest in checking IDs and keeping marijuana out of the hands of anyone under the age of 21. – source

Assembly District 31

Ellen Shutt does not support recreational marijuana legalization and dangerous and say it is deadly, increasing being laced with fentanyl and there is no way regulate its safety, but will consider medical cannabis measures for people in extreme pain. – WI EYE Interview 10:40

NORML Op-Ed: Claims of ‘Fentanyl-Laced Cannabis’ Are Common, But Are They Accurate?

Brienne Brown received an A+ rating from NORML for her support of legalization.

Assembly District 32

As the right hand man of Robin Vos, Rep. August could have helped moved the bipartisan medical marijuana to a public hearing in the Assembly Committee on State Affairs.  In fact, in January 2019 he seemed open to supporting a push for a public hearing on the issue among the assembly by saying, “It’s a conversation (re medical marijuana) that I’m not opposed to having, but we need to have that separate of the state budget.”

May 2018:  Rep. August replied that no matter what the polls say (77 percent are in favor of medical, 61 percent are in favor of recreational), their constituents are not in favor of either.

Fall 2018 referendums in his district passed by 88% in Kenosha and 85% in Racine for medical.

Wi EYE Interview 14:28 says medical marijuana needs to pass because it is a humanity issue.  He also supports legalization and the industry it brings.

Assembly District 33

Vruwink was a past co-sponsor of medical and decriminalization. He was not a co-sponsor of any cannabis legislation in the 2021-22 session.

During his WI EYE Interview 14:23 he indicates yes to medical marijuana and recreational down the road, marijuana is a drug, like alcohol and tobacco and formal recognition of it and regulation of marijuana would be beneficial to the public.

Assembly District 34

Swearingen has blocked marijuana reform in as committee chair and gutted marijuana from the budget. If he says he supports medical marijuana, he means the pill bill….and that might be lip service from this guy anyways. He is labeled a prohibitionist.

I believe it should be legalized. I’ve never shied from taking that stance. – Eileen Daniel

Assembly District 35

He is labeled a prohibitionist even though is Republican Senator and former holder of his job is leading the charge to reform the laws. Calvin Callahan received a Failing Grade from NORML as a candidate and first year legislator.

Todd Frederick is running as an Indpendent Candidate and told The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist NetworkI support the legalization of cannabis similar to what other states have adopted.” You can learn more about him by liking and following the Todd Frederick Campaign Facebook Page.

Assembly District 36

Republican assembly representative from Crivitz has not co-sponsored any legislation on marijuana reform since elected in 2004.

During the 2018 referendums in the counties he represents had 79% and 77% support for medical marijuana.    Rep. Mursau conducted his own 2019 GOP Spring Survey of his constituents in which 64% voted to support medical marijuana.    So instead of co-sponsor the Republican Caucus approved medical marijuana bill, Rep. Mursau teams up with Rep. Rob Swearingen to go visit an unregulated adult use social club in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with police to make a video against medical marijuana.    In later interviews Mursau blames the whole day on  Swearingen (who is the Chair of the Committee that is holding medical marijuana from even a public hearing).

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor.

March 2020 Republicans circulated a decriminalization bill for co-sponsorship which he did not co-sponsor.

Ben Murray does support legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana. He would push for medicinal use since medical marijuana is less harmful than many prescription pain killers. Having lived in Colorado during legalization he would be valuable asset to the table.

Assembly District 37

He won his primary by 16 votes, ex military police and former staffer of a Republican.  Early signs shows he is playing politics with pot and giving people the run-around on the issue.  He is opposed to recreational marijuana reform.   In 2021-22 he was absent from any co-sponsorship of legislation and labeled one of the worst Assembly Reps to work with.

On Oct 12th, 2022 Penterman participated in an AAUW Candidate Forum and gave his opinions on the issue. It is best to watch this guy rather than have me translate his opposition statement.

During her WI EYE Interview 14:23 she indicates her support for both medical and recreational.  She seems to be more confident in medical, but would be fine with recreational marijuana if impaired driving was addressed in legislation. She again answered the question in a AAUW Candidate Forum on Oct 12th.

Assembly District 38

Barbara Dittrich (R) from Oconomowoc will be back in 2023-24. Someone on facebook called her a ‘prohibitchinist”. She hates cannabis. In her candidate statement she “vehemently opposed to THC in any form.”

Assembly District 39

Rep. Born has been somewhat quiet regarding his support for medical marijuana reform and comes in as a late co-sponsor to the Republican bill to create a medical marijuana program in 2019-20, but was absent from any attempts in 2021-22

Mark Born is an American law enforcement officer.

Assembly District 40

Kevin Petersen (D) from Waupaca has never co-sponsored any legislation and is not known to support legalization. He does not face a Democrat, but faces an Independent names Henry Fries. Fries is vocal about supporting legalization.

His support for legalization is known.

Assembly District 41

“My current stance on Marijuana Reform would be against legalization of recreational use. I am also currently opposed to medicinal, but I am more open to exploring this side of it.” He added on the topic of decriminalization: “For simple possession of small amount, I am in favor.” Wi Eye interviewed Alex Dallman on July 9; in which Dallman added the “slippery slope” theory to his list opposition, stating he is worried medical marijuana leads quickly to recreational marijuana”. 08/11/2020

On the campaign trail he said one thing, than after elected he turned into a prohibitionist.

He said until the County Sheriffs on board he is not even supporting decriminalization.

 He even said no to his fellow Republicans when they presented a bill for his consideration to make simple possession of 10 grams a $100 fine.

Assembly District 42

“He is not a fan of recreational marijuana”  2020 Campaign Interview

Rep. Plumer is a sponsor of the Republican 2019-20 Assembly Bill 750 Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program. 

As a freshman Republican, his 2019 GOP Spring Survey showed over 70% support for medical marijuana.

He could have received a higher grade, but as Chair of Committee on Substance Abuse and Prevention he failed to recognize that medical marijuana could help and prevent substance abuse, a term we all know as harm reduction.  

In 2021-22 he did not co-sponsor the decriminalization bill, but showed up again as a co-sponsor of the Republican medical marijuana bill.

Plumer received a C- rating from NORML for the 2022 Smoke the Vote Project.

Wi Eye Interview (11:12)  Theresa Valencia spoke in depth about cannabis reform in her candidate interview.  She said she is 100% for both medical and recreational marijuana.   She does not believe it is fiscally responsible to keep it illegal and medical marijuana would be helpful to people in our state.

Valencia also received an A+ from NORML for the 2022 Smoke the Vote Project.

Assembly District 43

Wi Eye Interview 13:12 Indicates she is favor of both medical and recreational. She sites tax revenue and voters wishes.

Marisa Voelkel when asked about her stance on marijuana reform replied to the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network: “On marijuana, it is still a federal crime, but I do support medicinal use and would be willing to work towards legislation to make medicinal use legal in our state.

Assembly District 44

Zimmerman said the state should allow medical marijuana and be able to tax it.

“It’s estimated that the legalization of medical marijuana would bring in $130 million a year in additional tax revenue,” Zimmerman said. “And right now we need to look at different possibilities of additional revenue so we can balance our budget.” – source

Assembly District 45

He states he is favor of both recreational and medical.  Heavily in favor of both.  He has no concerns about recreational marijuana and enough other states have done it that Wisconsin can draw from them and make a smooth transition to a regulated market.

Says he is all in for medical because he witnessed family experiences with it.  But recreational he has concerns and cites that what message are we sending to children and used “they put fentanyl in pot” scare tactic.  Admits revenue is going is leaving the state but again says at what cost.  He said it is also federally illegal.

Assembly District 46

Has not made an official stance yet, still research the subject. He is not really taking a stance on any issues. The cannabis conversation with him tells me he would be in favor of a tax and regulated system vs what is going on right now.

Back in 2018 when he ran as a Democrat in a Senate race his Wi EYE Interview at 5:54 had him singing the praises of both medical and recreational marijuana.

He jumps parties and jumps all over the board on the issue, but overall he has never said NO.

Melissa Ratcliff has been a  consistent support of legalization efforts for both medical and recreational marijuana. Former Dane County Board Supervisor.

Assembly District 47

Jimmy Anderson is a consistent co-sponsor of marijuana reform measures.

I am for legislation that would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana. My mother in Las Vegas uses medical marijuana and I am aware that S Beloit’s Sunnyside dispensary has a 95% Wisconsin customer base.

Assembly District 48

As a freshman assembly rep Samba Baldeh co-sponsored adult use marijuana reform

Assembly District 49

After nearly a decade in office this Republican dairy farmer from Cuba City did not sponsor any legislation on marijuana reform since elected. He was not a co-sponsor of any Republican bills.

WI Eye Interview 15:35 she indicates she would vote yes to legalization.  She cites out of state sales and tax revenue, farmers could grow it, it would be a win win.  Arresting young people for marijuana is no good.

Assembly District 50

October 2018: On the topic of marijuana legalization, Kurtz said he’s against marijuana for recreational use. “A lot of people are intrigued by the dollar signs and the revenue they can get from that,” Kurtz said, adding there were drawbacks to legalization as well. 

Oct 2018 He noted he would be open to medicinal use of marijuana if hemp proved ineffective.

He is a hemp farmer, or at least tried one year… he is pretty quit about everything.

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor and was not on board with any 2021-22 Republican efforts to decriminalize or allow medical marijuana.

Wi Eye Interview 12:51 Watch the interview, it is worth seeing and hearing this stuff from the candidate himself.  

He seems 100% on medical and notes many of our medicines are plant based, but right now to have the state authorize or legalizing it, his concern would be purchase amounts/quantities.

Assembly District 51

October 2018: On the topic of marijuana legalization, Kurtz said he’s against marijuana for recreational use. “A lot of people are intrigued by the dollar signs and the revenue they can get from that,” Kurtz said, adding there were drawbacks to legalization as well. 

Oct 2018 He noted he would be open to medicinal use of marijuana if hemp proved ineffective.

He is a hemp farmer, or at least tried one year… he is pretty quit about everything.

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor and was not on board with any 2021-22 Republican efforts to decriminalize or allow medical marijuana.

The time has come to legalize Marijuana for medical and recreational use. Marijuana is proven to be less harmful than alcohol. Let’s legalize it and then we can regulate and tax it.

The use of Marijuana provides an alternative to pain relief options, which may lower some of our dependence on prescription drugs like opioids. In studies published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that states that allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes had 2.21 million fewer daily doses of opioids prescribed per year under Medicare Part D, compared with those states without medical cannabis laws. Opioid prescriptions under Medicaid also dropped by 5.88% in states with medical cannabis laws compared with states without such laws, according to the studies.
Wisconsin has some very harsh penalties related to marijuana possession, sale, and cultivation.

Wisconsin’s prisons are overflowing with 23,000 people incarcerated. We need to drastically cut our prison populations by doing away with the incarceration of low-level non violent drug offenders.

Assembly District 52

This is not a cause I am supporting“ was his stance during the Republican Primary.

Wi Eye 10:20 His interview shows he is pretty confident that Wisconsin should legalize marijuana and he would help in the process if elected.

Assembly District 53

Hard to read at times, but proof is in the pudding.  Rep. Schraa was a 2017 sponsor of decriminalization  and a first Republican on the marijuana reform scene in many many years…….. and in 2020 sponsored a Republican version of medical marijuana to create a program here in our state.  The legislation he sponsored was designed to get the issue a public hearing.    The bill he sponsored was stuck in committee he is a member of, so who knows what the future holds for this Assembly Rep from the Oshkosh area.  He has come a long way since 2013.

Assembly District 54

Donnie says Since I’ve never actually smoked marijuana I don’t have a lot of knowledge of it what it does to the body but I don’t see any reason why can’t be legalized as long as its controlled like alcohol with restrictions of smoking it with age and have health inspectors set up a system so it regulated so nobody sells tainted product.

WI EYE Interview 13:20. Says past time on medical but is still not quite 100% on recreational but is leaning yes, depending on how it is packaged including preventing youth use, substance abuse and what does the data truly look like for economy, but close it out, saying YES to medial and partial YES to recreational.

Assembly District 55

Contacted but no reply from campaign. Republican insider said he is for legalization and libertarian leaning on this issue.

WI EYE Interview 13:13 She said it is up to the people and is not a hard yes or no, but did indicate enough states have it to contact for a model if we want to go that route.

She chatted with The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network and had this to say “I support marijuana reform. To me, it’s common sense: We would benefit from the tax revenue like we do for alcohol sales. Purchasing legal marijuana would be more regulated and safe than it is to purchase on the streets today. I do not think marijuana production/distribution/possession should be prosecuted – we’ve ruined too many lives by imprisoning people, many of them young, up to 20 years for even a half an ounce, and we don’t have the resources to properly educate or help them gain marketable skills while they’re incarcerated. In addition, many businesses won’t hire someone convicted of a federal drug offense. We’ll also free up our law enforcement resources to focus on other community safety efforts.

And most importantly, the public supporting the issue, which drives my support above all else. My job, if elected, is to listen to my constituents. I see no reason why Wisconsin cannot move forward with marijuana reform.”

Assembly District 56

David Murphy (R-Appleton): Friendly GOP Assembly Representatives named this guy as a possible supporter of medical cannabis reforms. I am starting to seriously doubt that.

Feb 2019:  “oppose any push to legalize recreational use”

Feb 2019: Rep. Dave Murphy, R-Greenville, issued a statement saying he would support regulated medical marijuana if it ensures the safety of public roadways.

October 2020: Murphy said he is against the legalization of recreational marijuana. He said he’s based his opinion on conversations with law enforcement officers, many of whom are against legalizing it.

He pointed to issues in other states that have legalized recreational marijuana, such as California and Colorado. In those states, marijuana continues to be sold illegally, he said. Marijuana use can also impact worker productivity, Murphy said, which hurts the economy.  

Murphy said he would consider legalizing the drug for medical use. 

Murphy was a co-sponsor of the legislation to increase penalties for cannabis concentrates that Governor Evers had to veto.

It is a campaign issue on his website: Decriminalize Marijuana PossessionCurrently it is costing us over $40,000 a year to house and feed a single individual in prison. I want to reduce how much we are spending to lock up non violent offenders (with a projected savings of over $55 million a year), help those who want to use marijuana for medical purposes, and allow the police to focus on violent offenders who are putting the lives of others at risk. 

He added this to the conversation I’m open to legalizing marijuana but decriminalization is the first step in that. I’d like to avoid some of the issues states like Colorado and Michigan had when they legalized it. I’d want to study issues around taxes, licensing, and DWIs to make sure all of that is covered before fully legalizing it. Needless to say there are a lot of moving pieces there that I can drill into if you are interested. To sum it up I’m onboard with legalizing as long as we are ready to handle the challenges that come with it.

Assembly District 57

She is a champion of marijuana reform and past sponsor of recreational marijuana. Lee is very vocal about her support and is often quoted in news articles about the subject.

Andrew Fox posted on his campaign facebook page that “There’s a reason why even legalizing weed in Wisconsin is a really bad idea” and posted a YouTube Video “Legal Weed in California is causing more crime”

Assembly District 58

Governor Evers’ budget proposal would also establish an expungement procedure for people convicted of possessing, manufacturing or distributing less than 26 grams of marijuana and have completed their sentences.

Republicans who control the legislature would have to approve the budget items. State Rep. Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) says he’ll vote against the measure.

“Unless it’s proven otherwise, I think it opens up the door to legalize it for recreational marijuana and I am definitely opposed to that,” Gundrum says.

During 2019, his fellow Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor and was absent from any reform efforts by the GOP in 2021-22.

I firmly believe that cannabis should be legalized in Wisconsin for several reasons. One – historically prohibition doesn’t work. Two – neighboring states have legalized it so Wisconsin residents just go over the border to buy it. Three, Wisconsin is missing out on a potential multi-billion dollar business. Wisconsin Senator Agard spoke at the Washington County Democratic Party meeting several months ago about this. What she said just makes sense.

Assembly District 59

During the primary battle is was reported he does not support recreational marijuana and is doing “research” on medical cannabis and also speaking to law enforcement about medical and decriminalization.

Assembly District 60

Republican assembly representative from Saukville was elected in 2014.  During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor.  In 2021, he co-sponsored a decriminalization bill.   In 2021 he co-sponsored the Republican version of medial marijuana.

“Unless it’s proven otherwise, I think it opens up the door to legalize it for recreational marijuana and I am definitely opposed to that,” Gundrum says.

During 2019, his fellow Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he failed to co-sponsor and was abesent from any reform efforts by the GOP in 2021-22.

Dan Larsen has been vocal about his support for the legalization of marijuana.

Assembly District 61

When asked what her stance on marijuana reform is, Amanda Nedweski said she is working with law enforcement to understand their biggest challenges with drug related crimes.  Public safety is a top priority for my constituency, and input from the professionals who are charged with keeping our communities safe is critical.

Max Winkels has been vocal about his support for the legalization of marijuana.

Assembly District 62

Has not co-sponsored any legislation ever, but there is not much public about him and his office did not return our requests

I believe marijuana has many medicinal purposes and I’m watching other states thrive because of it. The amount of people driving over the border is astronomical and the amount of tax dollars leaving our state is saddening. We could be using that for our schools, roads, you name it.  With that said I’m in favor of the legalization of it. – source

Assembly District 63

Has not co-sponsored any legislation ever and never allowed even a public hearing on the issue under his watch.

Joel Jacobsen has always been vocal about his support for cannabis reform.

Steen ran against Vos in the primary and almost won. His stance on cannabis reform is unknown and we asked many times.

Assembly District 64

Tip McGuire was a co-sponsor of the 2021-22 adult use legislation to legalize cannabis use in Wisconsin.

Definitely opposed to recreational marijuana, seen too many bad effects from the states that have gone that route. – source

Am open to medicinal use of marijuana, he has actually seen the benefits of it through a relative who has gone that route it is like night and day.   I do believe there are medicinal benefits and that would be a way to go, but we also have also be very very careful and how it is controlled and managed and make sure not just everyone can get a medical marijuana card and basically have the same effect has having it legal recreationally.  So I favor medical marijuana use but strictly controlled. – source

Assembly District 65

Tod was a co-sponsor of the 2021-22 adult use legislation to legalize cannabis use in Wisconsin and has been a consistent co-sponsor in the past.

Am open to medicinal use of marijuana, he has actually seen the benefits of it through a relative who has gone that route it is like night and day.   I do believe there are medicinal benefits and that would be a way to go, but we also have also be very very careful and how it is controlled and managed and make sure not just everyone can get a medical marijuana card and basically have the same effect has having it legal recreationally.  So I favor medical marijuana use but strictly controlled. – source

Assembly District 66

As a freshman assembly rep, she did not co-sponsor any marijuana legislation her first session.  Although she made public statement about the marijuana reform in the budget, her statements did not touch on adult use/recreational marijuana.  With her district showing 85% support for medical and 59% for recreational marijuana in the 2018 referendums.

In 2020-22 legislation session, she did co-sponsor adult use/recreational marijuana.

Carl Hutton is running as a Libertarian and is very outspoken on his support for reforming the cannabis laws in Wisconsin.

Assembly District 67

He co-sponsored the Republican version of medical marijuana two sessions in a row and came on as a co-sponsor to decriminalization in 2021-22.

Jason Bennett told the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist NetworkI do support decriminalization and forgiving/pardoning possession offenses and working toward legalization for medical and recreational use. My main concern is that the former needs to happen before the former, which has not occurred in other States that have legalized it.”

Assembly District 68

I am currently researching and studying the issue of the legalization of marijuana. I have been given written material by constituents on both sides of the issue—and then I have my own educational/clinical experience in working with those of my clients that are users of marijuana. My Master of Science degree in Biochemistry has given me the molecular knowledge of how cannabinoids impact cells. However, there is more yet to know, and other considerations most be taken into account besides the impact at the cellular level. I also am gathering data from other states as well that have legalized marijuana and what impact it has had—whether pro or con. Many constituents have spoken to me about this issue—some pro, some con.

Without a doubt Wisconsin should move forward with legal medical and recreational marijuana.

Assembly District 69

Candidate Rozar stance on marijuana reform May 2020: I support the use of marijuana for medical purposes. I am ambivalent and not convinced that recreational use is a good idea. From a public health and law enforcement perspective it appears to be a horrible idea. Others support it and encourage taxing it but I wonder about supporting government programs. She did co-sponsor the 2021-22 Republican medical marijuana bill.

She has spoken with Wisconsin Cannabis Activists “I think marijuana should be legalized, regulated and taxed as is done with alcohol and cigarettes. Of course much of that also depends on federal reclassification as well.”

Assembly District 70

Elected since 2014, this Tomah area representative has never co-sponsored legislation to reform marijuana laws.

In 2018 VanderMeer’s campaign did not respond to multiple contact attempts from a USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin reporter which poised a marijuana question to her challenger.

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which VanderMeer did not sponsor.   She was absent from any 2021-22 legislation Republicans presented.

Remy Gomez told  WiscoCan that he would  love to see Marijuana legal for use, sale and growing in Wisconsin for adults 21 and up. Well past time.

Assembly District 71

Katrina is known to be vocal on the issue and was an addition as a co-sponsor of the recreational marijuana legislation at the end of 2019, along with original sponsorships of medical marijuana with home grows and decriminalization measures. In 2021-22 she had no hesitation being a co-sponsor of adult use / recreational marijuana.

He seemed to have dodged the issue and question in past candidacies and repeats his performance. After finally tracking him down his first thing was the “it is federally illegal excuse”. He said NO, he did support local counties/municipalities decriminalizing/removing penalties for simple possession. Although he did say he supported medical marijuana, when questioned on why that could be permissible giving the federal conflict he previously mentioned he seemed to painted in a corner. He did state that he did not want his children exposed to pot.

Assembly District 72

Rep. Krug could do a much better job communicating with constituents in the district about the issue.    We have mixed reports from people in his district on what Krug is willing to support.   What we do know for sure is that shortly after being re-elected in 2018 he announced to expect Republican bill(s) this session on medical marijuana but as the session lingered on and constituents contacted him, he seemed to be silent.   

His Senate District is that of fellow Republican Testin, who did sponsor the Bi-partisan Medical Marijuana Bill that allows home grow and smoking products.  He was also a late comer to the game on the Republican bill it seems and was not an author or original sponsor in 2019, but was an original bill co-sponsor of medical marijuana in 2021-22.

She completed all candidate surveys and is very vocal about her support for cannabis reform.

Assembly District 73

Let’s be clear on my stance with cannabis. I support legalizing and regulating the use of cannabis and believe the legislation should be conducted at the state level. I’m a pro-business candidate and cannabis business is booming. I also support decriminalization for possession and the freedom for recreational or medicinal use of cannabis. While I have not authored or co-sponsored a legalization bill, I believe I would be inclined to support such legislation. 

Laura Gapske told the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network that she was in favor of decriminalizing THC and enacting regulations similar to other states that have legalized cannabis.

Assembly District 74

We first contact his campaign in July, 2022 and asked if he needed any information on this matter.  This district was a primary battle and we contacted his campaign three times.

WI EYE 11:08 Interview 

Oct 4th, 2022 He says he is supportive of medical marijuana but before committing on recreational he would want to study it.

John Adams indicated he is supportive of legalization with caveats.

Assembly District 75

In his candidate interview form the 2018 election he stated he has 33 years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol and does not think we need something else to get high from in Wisconsin and is definitely not in favor of recreational marijuana. On medicinal, he would “listen” as this is something he has not been real involved in.

Assembly District 76

Her first year in office she co-sponsored the legislation for adult use cannabis.

Assembly District 77

Democrat Assembly Rep Shelia Stubbs is incredible when it comes to knowledge of marijuana reform.    The Madison rep has really worked hard for cannabis consumers, patients and those convicted of past cannabis crimes.   We look forward to working with her in the future. She is a consistent sponsor of marijuana decriminalization and legalization bills.

Assembly District 78

Receiving a high grade last session by co-sponsoring a varitey of billls, we hope to see her name on adult use/recreational marijuana reform if re-elected. This Madison area Democrat ran unopposed as an incumbent in  2018 and ended up co-sponsoring medical marijuana with home grows and smoking products, along with both versions for decriminalization for the 2019-2020 session.  In the 2021-22 session she was a co-sponsor of adult use legislation.

Has no contact information public and his name is misspelled on his website.

Assembly District 79

Alex Joers supports legalizing marijuana.  His WI Eye Interview explains why. He received an A+ rating from NORML in the 2022 Election Coverage.

In her campaign interview, Victoria begins to answer her own question, “Why is marijuana illegal anyways” and adds “it is just a plant” along the way. Watch for your self and her in her own voice, but it seems pretty evident about her stance on marijuana reform.” No one should go to jail for a plant. She received an A- from NORML during the 2022 Election Coverage.

Assembly District 80

Mike Bare says there is no question Wisconsin should move forward by legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana. He received an A+ rating from NORML in the 2022 Election Coverage.


Assembly District 81

Receiving a high grade in previous sessions by co-sponsoring a varitey of billls and leading the way on Industrial Hemp is Baraboo Rep. Dave Considine.  He was critical in drafting our Industrial Hemp bill that was first passed into law and in 2020 co-sponsored legislation to legalize adult use marijuana.

Shellie Benish told The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network that her position is in support of creative legislation on marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

Assembly District 82

Medical sales offering conservative options for pain management was a former career before being elected in 2016, but Rep. Wichgers from Muskego offers no hope or signs of relief to the sick, dying and disabled of Wisconsin that could benefit from medical marijuana.  Early in the beginning of the 2019 session, Rep. Wichgers made a hard stance against marijuana reform.  He was a co-author of the “BAD BHO Bill” that Republicans jammed through.  The bill would have increased penalties for butane hash oil manufacturing and possession of butane hash oil products.

March 2019 he said based on experiences in other states, I remain 100% opposed to decriminalizing recreational marijuana.

March 2019 With regard to medicinal marijuana, I believe it is premature to consider legalization before its efficacy is confirmed scientifically. Only then, and with the assurance that it would be regulated as a Schedule II drug, would I support legalization.

She would like to see marijuana legalized and taxed, wtih taxes being used for mental health.  She added she supports decriminalization retroactively.

Assembly District 83

Contact twice, no response.

Contacted, no response.

Assembly District 84

LuAnn Bird said legalization of both recreational marijuana and medical cannabis have worked well in other states and she supports both.

“We need to send an appropriate message to our young people and to the public in general that drugs are devastating this community,” Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said re Milwaukee lowering the fine for marijuana possession.

Ald. Bob Donovan was one of three council members to vote against the measure. In a statement emailed to NNS, he said the change in the local law would result in more people using marijuana, which will hurt their employment opportunities.

“We already have a serious joblessness rate in Milwaukee and I believe now we will have many more people closing a door to employment opportunities because [applicants] can’t pass a drug test,” wrote Donovan. The most recent data available from the American Management Association found that 62 percent of employers require a drug test.

Donovan stated that the drug problem in the community is growing, and that the new ordinance is sending the wrong message. “I cannot, in good conscience, support something I feel will hurt society’s efforts to combat drug use,” he said.

Assembly District 85

Kristin Conway talks repeatedly about the need to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana in Wisconsin and emphasized that the tax revenue as a potential funding option of issues our state faces.

He has only served a few terms and growing on issue of medical marijuana.  His district shows high support for cannabis reform and Rep. Snyder responded by at least co-sponsoring the bill to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin in 2019-20.  During the 2021-22 session he emerged as a potential leader, authoring AB 1067, the Republican bill to create a medial marijuana program.  He testified in favor of his bill during the Senate hearing, but was unable to get leadership to advance his bill to the public hearing stage of a bills life cycle

2018: I am not open to recreational marijuana after talking with the Marathon County Health Department and the AODA about the harmful effects it could have on our community. I’m concerned about the negative impacts, especially on our youth, some prompted by studies I read from Colorado and California which have legalized recreational marijuana.

2018: I’m very open to medical marijuana for patients in need. I believe it should be prescribed by a doctor like other medications. I hope the federal government declassifies it to a schedule II drug so that our universities can do medical research to help create FDA-approved drugs.

2018: I am open to discuss legalizing medical marijuana. I’ve talked with physicians and two of our county judges to hear their opinions. I see the benefits for those suffering from severe conditions that this would aid. I would like legislation that would control it like other medical prescriptions.

2019: Snyder said he doesn’t like the idea of adding legalized recreational marijuana to what for some families can be an already tough situation because of alcohol. “As troubling as that is, if we suddenly introduce marijuana, how will that affect our kids? So, when it comes to recreational at this time, I would not be in favor of it.”

2019: Snyder agreed that the research has proven there are benefits to using the drug for medicinal purposes. “I’ve talked with physicians and even local judges about this. They see when it comes to relieving pain and helping people that are struggling, I’m all for it.”

Assembly District 86

Rep John Spiros (R-Marshfield) representing Wisconsin’s 86th Assembly District and Chair of the 2019 Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety which is holding up the Legalize Opportunity – Legalize Marijuana Bill (AB 220). In an interview before being re-elected in 2018, he seemed to think CBD Oil was the miracle cure and medical marijuana was not needed, while dismissing the opportunity marijuana reform presents. 

Oct 2018 However, I am reticent to legalize recreational marijuana until law enforcement has way to calculate how “high” someone is to determine their level of impairment, much like we do with alcohol. Additionally, new research has shown that not only is recreational marijuana not the economic boost originally projected, but incidents involving car crashes are higher in states where marijuana is legalized, not to mention car insurance rates are higher. So I am waiting to see how this plays out before voting to legalize it in our state.

Early in 2019 he also seemed to know his Republican colleagues were working on their caucus to put a medical marijuana bill together.   Spring of 2019 GOP Survey shows 68% support for medical marijuana reform. In December 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he did not co-sponsor.  

In 2021-22, he did cosponsor AB 1067 in 2021 – Republican Medical Marijuana Bill.

2019: Snyder agreed that the research has proven there are benefits to using the drug for medicinal purposes. “I’ve talked with physicians and even local judges about this. They see when it comes to relieving pain and helping people that are struggling, I’m all for it.”

Assembly District 87

We did not hear much publicly from this Assembly Representative.   Although supporters in the district have said in conversations with the Edming, they felt good about his support for medical marijuana, we are never sure until they sponsor something in writing.    The Spring GOP Survey in the district yielded 67% support for medical marijuana.  The good news is that Rep Edming sponsored both versions of medical marijuana bills this session, along with a companion bill to protect privacy of firearms owners who are also medical marijuana patients earned him some respect.  The bad news is all bills are stuck in committee.

In 2021-22 he sided only with his Republican colleagues, supporting their start up bill and leaving the home grow/smoking products out of his support range this session.

Elizabeth Riley has supported the form of cannabis laws and has been vocal about the need for a change for years.  She would be a leader on the issue of passing recreational marijuana legislation in Wisconsin.

Assembly District 88

For Republican Representative John Macco, the push to legalize marijuana is personal.

“I think Sen. Fitgerald was a little bit quick in his critique and I would have liked him to have a little bit more open-mindedness,” expressed Macco.

Macco said his wife has been traveling to Mexico for alternative health options not available in Wisconsin, so he understands what medical marijuana patients experience when they have to look outside Wisconsin for options.

“For us to have access to that is a real blessing, add I’m frustrated because not everyone has that same access and I wish they would,” he said. “I think there needs to be the tools available for all individuals to have the same access to healthcare that we do.”

Macco hopes the medical marijuana legislation is brought up for debate, but at this time no such debate is planned.

For calling out prohibitionist Senator Scott Fitzgerald alone he deserves a good grade, but also because people in his district say he supports marijuana reform.  Although Rep. Macco did not officially sponsor any legislation on the issues in the 2019-20 session, we consider him a supporter of medical marijuana.

In the 2021-22 session he did not break ranks from the GOP on the issue, only co-sponsoring the Republican marijuana start up bill and leaving the home grows and smoking products of the table for this guy.

Wi EYE Interview 12:35 Hannah is a strong advocate for both medical and recreational cannabis.  “It is just time Wisconsin legalizes recreational”.  She sites fiscal responsibility.  She also states why a regulated model would be successful for Wisconsin in her interviews. She received an A+ from NORML during the 2022 Smoke the Vote Election Coverage.

Assembly District 89

Behnke did request more information back in 2018 and provided this brief chat message back “Shouldn’t be opening up people to bad habits! But medical is an option.”  Activists in his district say his lack of knowledge on the subject is evident and they believe he does not care.

Behnke was not a co-sponsor of the 2021-22 Republican medical marijuana bill, so it might not be an important option for Behnke at this point to consider him a friendly Republican.

Jane Benson told us “I am pro-marijuana legalization, both medical and recreational” and people from the district confirm it!

Assembly District 90

A consistent voice for marijuana reform in her district and in the media.  She promised to help as a candidate and did just that.  She was a co-sponsor of the 2021-22 adult use cannabis legislation.

In Wisconsin, we will be facing a major budget shortfall in the next cycle. One way to help to alleviate this shortfall is to legalize and tax the use of marijuana, as we do with alcohol. Other states that have done this have found it to be a sizable revenue stream. Obviously, we will also need strong regulations to make sure that underage Wisconsinites cannot access it and to protect consumers. My view, however, is that legalizing and regulating is the best way to ensure that those who use marijuana do not end up in the legal system and to ensure that we keep it out of the hands of minors, who are unable to use it responsibly.  – source

I support decriminalization. As a society, we use too many resources–from policing to incarceration–to deal with the use of marijuana. We need to be able to repurpose those resources for education, housing, jobs, and anti-poverty initiatives. Plus, no one should get a long-term criminal record–with all of the baggage that comes with it–for simple possession.

Too many Wisconsinites–especially minorities–have criminal records, and this prevents them from getting good jobs and accessing other opportunities. We should expunge the records of those whose only crime is simple possession of marijuana. – source

Recent medical studies have indicated that there are legitimate medical uses for marijuana. Unfortunately, the long-standing federal prohibition on marijuana means that medical research on marijuana could be much more advanced than it is now. For that reason alone, the federal government should eliminate this prohibition. But doing so would also allow states to clearly have the ability to set their own policies on medical marijuana, as they do with regulations around alcohol, for example. – source


Assembly District 91

As a freshman Democrat in the Assembly, Rep. Emerson stood out as a sponsor of the Adult Use/Medical combination bill we know as “Legalize Marijuana – Legalize Opportunity”.  She also sponsored the Decriminalization bill that entered the legislation session late this year. 

During her 2nd term in office she duplicated her efforts and again co-sponsored Adult Use Marijuana legislation in 2021-22.

Josh Stanley said he does not have a stance on marijuana reform.

Assembly District 92

Elected in 2016, this assembly representative from Mondovi has not supported any legislation on marijuana reform since elected.  Rep. Pronschinske represents the home district of life long medical cannabis advocate Jacki Rickert, who passed away in 2017 before her medicine was legal or her elected official championed the issue for her.

WI EYE Interview 9:00 She states she is supportive of both medical and recreational marijuana.

Assembly District 93

Holding this office for a decade now,  Republican assembly representative from The Town of Washington has not co-sponsored any legislation on marijuana reform since elected in 2010.  Part of this district is in Eau Claire County which in 2018 passed an adult use advisory referendum by 54% and medical 84% support.

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750) which he did not sponsor.

March 2020 Republicans circulated a decriminalization bill for co-sponsorship which he failed to co-sponsor and did not co-sponsor the 2nd Republican marijuana bill in 2021-22.

WI Interview 15:49 She is absolutely on the medical.  She says she needs to do more research on recreational and see if that is what we really want for our state.

Assembly District 94

So in researching him we wondered why Rep. Doyle did not sponsor anything and found a few news article about Rep. Doyle and marijuana reform in his area which led to an op ed piece entitled “Did Doyle Dump Cannabis Reform?

In all fairness and to close out, we do believe he supports medical marijuana, as Rep. Doyle was a past co-sponsor of the medical marijuana bill in 2017, but since than he has been missing as a co-sponsor for recreational marijuana efforts.  We do not know if he supports recreational marijuana, but 63% of La Crosse County supported adult use in the 2018 referendum.

In his September 2022 canddiate interview he states he has always been in favor of medical marijuana but is less enthusiastic about recreational marijuana, but referendums in his district show that is what the people want so he would support it based of that.

Contacted with no response.

Policy Staff for Senator Eric Wimberger
-Legislative Aide for Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald
-Campaign Manager for Dan Kapanke for Senate 2020

Assembly District 95

During 2017 Rep. Billings supported CBD legislation and an Assembly Joint Resolution to place a medical marijuana on a state wide non binding referendum.

In 2018 she ran unopposed and in October 2018 had somewhat disappointing news comments, including invoking the “slippery slope theory” by saying “A common path for other states is to open the door with CBD oil and then medical marijuana and then recreational marijuana,” and goes onto questioning the validity of medical marijuana.

The 2019-2020 she was not vocal on adult use marijuana reform.  Medical marijuana saw two different bipartisan versions this session, which both came up empty with her name.  She only co-sponsored a decriminalization measure, AB 980 to barely earn her C- that session.

In 2021-22 legislative session a majority of Democrats co-sponsored adult use marijuana legislation, but Rep. Billings was absent from that initiative also.

During her 2022 Wi Eye at the 15:00 minute mark she takes a minute to answer the “marijuana question” and says she recently changed her stance and then went onto buy into the “fentanyl laced marijuana scare” and mentioned that Wisconsin is an island of prohibtion.

The campaign of Chris Woodard is vocal about the need for legalization.  He talks about the subject often, posts on facebook and visited local hemp cannabusiness.  He spoke on a radio interview about the need for this type of legislation.

Assembly District 96

Elected in 2018, this freshman Republican assembly representative and dairy farmer from Viroqua has not co-sponsored any legislation on marijuana reform presented by the GOP.  In 2018 he said “At this time I cannot get my support behind it,” Oldenburg stated about the drug. He recognized the belief that it may bring in more revenue for the state, but noted, “I think it would also bring in more criminals and criminal activities.”

Jayne “The Nurse” Swiggum says legalize it, regulate it and tax it. She talks about other states and the agriculture benefits for her rural farm constituents. She touches on the fact that many people self medicate with cannabis.

Swiggum also has legalizing cannabis for adult use as a campaign plank on her website.

Assembly District 97

Rep. Allen: We should point out that Rep. Allen is opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana, but believes there might be some room for expanded research into the use of cannabis for medical purposes. 

August 2019 Representative Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) began circulating a letter to colleagues in the Wisconsin state legislature asking federal officials to streamline medical research and collect data surrounding cannabis and marijuana.

This Rep has hosted a “SAM” Smart Approach to Marijuana seminar. SAM are bad guys pretending to help conservative legislators navigate the coming legalization issues and he bought right into it. The “webinar” was a disaster. As far as tax revenue goes, that is another issue in legalization and Rep. Allen has indicated sin tax in general should not be used for harm preventative or education, but rather seen as a source of profit.

He continued his hate, by helping author a bill to increase penalties for certain cannabis concentrates known as BHO and hosting “education” events on cannabis that seem to spread mis-information.

Assembly District 98

Republican assembly representative from Pewaukee has not co-sponsored any legislation on marijuana reform since elected in 2013. He did indicate some support for the Republican medical marijuana bill with no home grows/smoking products.

WI EYE Interview 10:50 She supports both recreational and medical marijuana and has no concerns about it.

Assembly District 99

A new name to marijuana reform is Rep. Cindi Duchow from the Town of Delafield.  This Republican legislator looked like she was going to sign onto medical marijuana reform in 2018.  She came out of the gates early and helped author a bill to protect firearms owners who are also medical marijuana patients. But in 2018 and again in 2020 this legislator was a no show to the table when it came time to co-sponsor legislation.

Alec Dahms is very vocal about his support for marijuana reform.  

Tax dollars are wasted on arrests for non-violent crimes involving marijuana.  Other states have seen amazing success with small business opening and not only making communities thrive, but increasing government revenue that can be reinvested into healthcare and schooling programs.  It is time to move forward with the immensely popular issue.

Fall General Election November 8th, 2022

As part of the 2022 election coverage, we will take a closer look at the 2022 State Senate Candidates in more detail, so stay tuned, stay educated and stay active!

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